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Okay, guys. Since the SG is official(sorta) now, I thought I'd post a second rough draft of the Code of Conduct up. I've got it in a Word doc, so it will be easy to revise. Let me know what ya'll think...

The Texas X-Rangers
Code of Conduct


- After the retail launch (April 28th, 2004), in order to become a Texas X-Ranger, a potential member must meet the following criteria:

1. The player must be from Texas, or have a character whose background places it from Texas.
2. The character must be of Mutation Origin. No other Origins will be allowed. No exceptions.
3. The character must not be of the “tights wearing” superhero (see: iconic) variety. Our heroes are down-to-earth, law enforcing Mutants. If you want to play Captain America, fine. Go join the Avengers. Leather, Cybernetics, and Armor are fine substitutes.
4. The potential X-Ranger must NOT have a name that is offensive, completely idiotic, or a copyrighted trademark.
5. The character must be 10th level. There will be a grace period of until Saturday, May 8th, 2004. That’s 10 days after launch to get to level 10, if they’re already a member. After that, we will not accept characters under 10th into our ranks.
6. Players expressing an interest in joining the Texas X-Rangers will have a trial period, in which they must group with the Senior Captain, and/or no less than three Captains or Lieutenants. The teamed Captains and Senior Captain will confer, and decide on the Potential’s Deputization.
7. New inductees will only be allowed membership if they affirm that they agree to abide by our Code of Conduct in its entirety.


- As a Texas X-Ranger, we are assuming a role of Law Enforcement, bringing justice to the unjust, who have decided to use their power(s) for ill and criminal intent. As such, we must govern ourselves professionally, and accordingly. A Texas X-Ranger will NOT:

1. Engage in “Kill Stealing”. Accidents happen, but be sure to look up, and make certain that those fleeing criminals are really running toward someone.
2. Use profanity in Broadcast or Local Chat. You may use “salty” language in Group, Super Group, Friends Chat, and private /tells, but you must refrain from using this language in view of the common eye.
3. Engage in a heated argument with another X-Ranger in Local, Broadcast, or Group (when non-X-Rangers are present) chat. We must present an image of solidarity and unity. Take a dispute to private /tells, and if no resolution can be found, see either a Captain, or the Senior Captain.
4. Speak discourteously to another Hero, or speak badly of another Super Group in Local or Broadcast chat. Sure, the L337 4v3ngR$ are douche bags, but bitching about them in the open only makes us look bad.
5. Accept non Super Group members into the group before accepting an X-Ranger. The exception to this rule is in the case of a detrimental Level Gap. If you’re a level 5 Blaster, you really shouldn’t be trying to group with that level 14 Scrapper.
6. Refuse to aid another X-Ranger who calls for help. The exceptions to this are if an X-Ranger is in the middle of an indoor mission, if an X-Ranger is not close enough to render aid in an effective manner, or has no method of rendering assistance (i.e. No ability to heal/revive, and no Awaken inspirations).

Ranking Structure

- There are three ranks in the Texas X-Rangers: Senior Captain, Captain, and Lieutenant. The Senior Captain is the overall leader of the X-Rangers. New members, once inducted, are given the rank of Lieutenant. Upon reaching 25th Level, a Lieutenant may be promoted to the rank of Captain.

- Lieutenants are responsible for the following:

1. Maintaining the best possible image of the Texas X-Rangers super group.
2. Abiding by our Code of Conduct.
3. Reporting infractions of the Code of Conduct to a Captain.
4. Obeying the commands of a Captain in charge of their XP group, or the Senior Captain, within reason. (i.e. If a Captain tells you to jump off the highest building in Paragon City, don’t do it, and report his ass to the Senior Captain)
5. Having fun, and enjoying being a member of one of the coolest SG’s in the game.

- Captains have an increased, but not overly limiting, role of responsibility within the X-Rangers. A Captain is responsible for the following:

1. All duties listed above, under the Lieutenant’s responsibilities.
2. Resolving disputes between Lieutenants, as a third party arbitrator.
3. Forming and leading XP groups, for higher level Lieutenants, or lower level Captains, within Level Gap reason.
4. Reporting infractions of the Code of Conduct by Lieutenants and Captains to the Senior Captain.

- The Senior Captain is responsible for all duties listed above, as well as settling disputes between two Captains, as a third party arbitrator. The Senior Captain is also the ONLY X-Ranger with the authority to kick someone from the Super Group. Additionally, this is a Super Group, not a Democracy. The Senior Captain position was assumed by the leader who formed the group. As such, the position is held as long as one wants it. At such time the Senior Captain decides to step down, he/she will appoint a new Senior Captain, provided that the selected successor actually wants the responsibility.

Dress Code

- The team colors of the Texas X-Rangers are Black and White, with a chest emblem of a white Lone Star, with a black, inner trim. ANY rank can choose which colors they will or will not utilize in Super Team Mode. However, there is one hard and fast rule. The Lone Star is a must, and it must be identical to the rest of the team’s. We’re Texans, ya’ll. Show some pride.

As can be noted above, most of these rules are common sense, and involve simply playing within what Cryptic Studios would call “the spirit of the game”. Let’s go out there and kick some fugitive ass!
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