DJ D. Snutz (d33z_nutz) wrote in dallas_coh,
DJ D. Snutz

Rules Discussion - ROUGH DRAFT

Yes, unfortunately, we will have to have some ground rules for our Super Team. Actually, I'd like to think of them more as "loose guidelines". Also, these are open to debate, as this post is a rough draft, and I'm open to suggestion. With that...

1. To be allowed into the Texas X-Rangers (Yeah, Aaron, I'm pulling rank on this one. I like the X better. plus, it shortens the name a bit. LOL) one must be from Texas, IRL, or from Texas in their character Bio.

-I thought about this one for a while, and came to the conclusion that only allowing RL Texans into the group, while letting this community be open membership would be off-putting, exclusionary, and tend to give people the wrong impression of us. We may be 1337, but we are not elitist. :)

2. Characters in the Texas X-Rangers must be of Mutation origin. NO EXCEPTIONS. This team is a branch of Bail and Fugitive Enforcement from Texas, that recruits only Mutants. If I find a Science, Natural, Magic, etc. in the team, guess who's getting banned from the group? (hint: It ain't me)

3. A Texas X-Ranger will not refuse a call for help from another X-Ranger. Additionally, a Texas X-Ranger will not refuse a group invite from another X-Ranger. The exception to this rule is the level gap. If the gap is so big you have to sidekick to be with someone, then you can refuse.

-This may not be a popular rule, and I'll scrap it totally if this limits freedom too much for members. Sometimes solo'ing is more fun, and more economic for xp reasons, so I understand. I'm also not a big fan of compulsory crap like this, myself. I thought it might be interesting for RP purposes, but it holds little game value, other than that.

4. No swearing in Local or Broadcast chat. You can use language that would make a sailor blush in friends, group, /tells, or supergroup, but not where the general populace, at large, can see. Even with chat filters on, it presents the wrong image. We're supposed to be professionals (IC'ly, anyway).

5. If grouped with another Texas X-Ranger, ALL members in said group must enter supergroup mode. The colors, in and of themselves, are optional, but all members must display the Lone Star (it will be the same as in the Beta screenshot I posted). The Star will be white, with the black trim inside. Don't try to get creative with it. That's our badge, as well as Texan Pride.

6. Names. Well, I'm not a Name Nazi, by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I left a PA in the early days of Galaxies, because of Name Nazi'ing (not my name, too. someone else's that wasn't even in the PA). That being said, I don't really have a restriction on letting people in with names that may sound "stupid" or whatever. Just, nothing offensive that you think has the possibility of getting nerfed. If people get ridiculed for a goofy name they chose, so be it. They made that choice, and have it coming. L337-M4N, Batman444, 3Spydor-Man3 = Yes. Hugh Jardon, The Jizzonator, Nigga-Man, Wife-Beater, The Amazing Retardo, etc. = NO!

Rank structure:

In a Super Team, there are three ranks. The defaults are: Leader, Captain, and Member. The titles can change, at the Leader's discretion. Being that our background is a Law Enforcement agency, I was thinking of having it be either Field Marshall, Ranger, and Deputy, or Field Marshall, Lieutenant, Ranger (if the first sounded demeaning to new members).

Also, I've thought of having a rotating Leader dealie, but I'd like to hear others' thoughts on that, before trying to lay down a specific guideline on it. I don't mind being Leader forever, since I'm hardly a dictator, or anything.

Let's hear your opinions/crucifictions....
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